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As a black bull I've always wanted to fuck wives especially white women as theirs just something I find really horny about fucking white women while husbands watch - but until now I never knew how to approach this.

Read this story sent in from one of our members...............

great story, please make sure you drop us a line after you've met up with this cuckold couple as it sounds like your going to have great time ................

OK no great surprise here but as a black man I love to fuck white women but even more so I get a massive turn on from having the husbands watching me and for a while I didn't know where to turn that was until I heard about cuckoldry & cuckold sites

I'd been looking around some porn sites and heard the term cuckold and hot wives and it didn't mean anything to me, I then checked out some Cuckold Movies and then I understood what the crack was about and new then that I had to find some of these cuckold husbands so I could start playing

I found this contacts site and at first used the free sign up as I wanted to check out what it was about first before I started paying but the free members section was pretty naff so decided that the only way to really use the site was the paid member route, and after paying up soon started checking out cuckold husbands ads

I looked around and just about every ad hit the mark and to say the wives looked HOT would be an understatement and I would have been happy to fuck any of them so I was going to start contacting them but thought I'd better get my profile sorted and at least post a few photos of me online, although I didn't have any nude ones so had to use the phone camera which were pretty naff but it showed the important thing, which was my 10" uncut black COCK!!

The photos went up & so did the profile so I would now at least be able to tell contacts to either check out my pics or just attach them as it seems some members say "no photos, no reply" which to certain extent I can understand after all if some black guy is going to fuck your Mrs you want to see what the fuck they look like - So ad live & photos now to check out what's on offer or maybe even someone will drop me a line

It didn't take long before I found a few hot contacts and some wives that I'd love to play with and noticed that one was online using the cuckold chatroom so lodged in and dropped them a line. After a few minuets I got a reply back and we started chatting - you know all the usual stuff like "is that really you in the photo , I'm not after a 3some just fucking the wife, while the husband watches AND do you think you can handle 10" of black meat LOL - all the answers came back and after more questions arranged to meet up and unfortunately that's where we are at now as we don't meet up till next week

But I will drop you a line and let you know how things worked out and if anyone is looking for a black bull to fuck their hotwife drop me a message



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