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Claire sent this swapping story in telling us about as a young swingers couple they were looking for other young swingers to have some fun with and tried out wife Swapping to see how things worked out

Thanks Claire sounds like you had a great time please lets us know what happens and if you and Rachel ever have a girl on girl party

My name is Claire & I’ve been with my boyfriend now for 6 years, nothing wrong with that I hear you say but we are both 21 and started dating at school then just carried on, I’m sure one day we’ll get married we’ve just not gotten round to it yet.

We’ve always had a good sex life as we are both horny little devils fucking at every opportunity, we’ve even have done some outdoor fucking around Bristol which was great fun knowing that people could see us shag LOL . Last month John was chatting about trying a 4some as it's something we’ve never done, we’ve had a 3some before with a old friend of mine that no longer live in Bristol and that was great as I’m bisexual and love going down on a women as much as cock.

We looked around and found Wife Swapping 247 and whilst not married we are as good as, signed up and posted our ad for another young swapping couple, our only problem is we can’t travel far as no car, so we really wanted to find a local couple and YOUNG, no old farts and yes I said that too. Our idea was to meet a couple go out to a club or bar get well pissed up come home and fuck like rabbits, so anyone over the age of 25 would struggle to keep up with us, heck least I’m honest!

After a couple of days we checked the site and had 3 replies WOW!!! Mind you the photos that we put up were HOT!!! As I love showing off my tight little figure and fortunately John likes taking photos of me, so we had quiet a little collection of me in various uniforms, playing with toys & sitting on his FUCKING hot cock, so in a way I wasn’t surprised when I saw the response they got. The first couple “Doh” like where’s Bognor Regis - ain’t no where near Bristol, even I know that - but the next couple, talk about on our doorstep they live about 3 miles down the road and even go to the same bars as us.

Her name was Rachel & her husband was Mark, she was fucking gorgeous, just looking at their photos I could feel myself getting wet, thank god she was bi as well I would have gone stir crazy seeing her fucking my boyfriend and not being able to get down on her afterwards and have my wicked way with her fanny – yum yum you just can’t beat sloppy seconds, licking a girl out after my bf has cum inside her is heaven. Mark was fit too, nice frame, good size cock which I could have lots of fun with, but her Mmmm yum but need to get my head away from Rachel for a while LOL!

We arranged to meet up on Saturday at our local and John got me to wear my sexiest little red mini skirt, that literally only just about covers my arse, with a tight t-shirt and no bra. We got into the bar a little early so we could have a drink but Rachel & Mark beat us to the pub and I noticed them sitting in the corner. We got our drinks, walked over and sat down I made sure that I was sat next to Rachel, she had almost as short a skirt as me on and looked great!!

Continued ................

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