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Husbands & wifes dogging!!! we all think about it but how many of us would dare to do something about it? read this true life couples dogging story

For ages my wife has been going on about trying dogging out and as I’ve watched her getting fucked by other guys its something that didn’t really worry me in fact the idea of watching her getting fucked over the bonnet of our car sounded like great fun and where ever she spoke about it it always gave me an instant hard on.

One day we were checking out the message boards in the members pages and found this guy has posted details to a local dogging spot that wasn’t too far from where we live so we waited till 11 one night then got in the car and drove to this car park.

When we were driving to it we both had this idea that they’d be loads of cars and couples playing! But like hell was their !! we pulled in and not a sodding car insight and at first we nearly turn the car around and drove out but my wife asked me to pull over so I did.

She then undid here coat and show flashed her naked body at me!

“ well do you want to fuck me”

With this I started playing with her and she then told me to stand outside so she could suck my cock through the car window and it was then that coin dropped she wanted to me be the dogger, so I got out and got my dick out and she started sucking me off and after a while I told her to get out as I wanted to fuck her.

She got out and bent over so I could fuck her ands just as I slid me dick into her this car pulled in and as that happen my wife pushed back harder onto my dick and said

“come of hun, put a show on for him”

As he pulled along side we could see he was watching and from the way his body was moving he was wanking himself off. This got me extremely aroused so much so that I came inside her and I then noticed her got out and walked over asking if he could join in and saying he loved to eat out creampies from other guys and quickly got down between her legs licking my wife’s cunt out.

I could also see he was wanking himself off and knew the way my wife’s body was shaking that she was going to soak him with her cum any second and as she did that he came all over the floor and at that stage she turned round and sucked all the cum off his dick !!!

Afterwards he told us that hardly anyone comes on Wednesday and to come back at the weekend when theirs loads of couples dogging and he would make sure he returned for another visit at my wife’s wet cunt         

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