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OK how many swingers would want to watch theirs wives getting fucked by a black guy? I know once I joined wife swapping and started checking out the profiles black guys was one of the first things I looked for

This story was sent in by wife swapping Hampshire couple after they joined up and started meeting members

Read this story sent in from one of our members.........................

we joined up after years of my wife saying about wanting to have sex with a black couple, but after we joined and started reading the cuckold contacts knew it was the cuckold route for us as I really wanted to see her squat down onto a massive black bull

We sent a few messages out and at first we thought the response was really pretty piss poor then the replies started coming in and we almost had the pick of the best, mind you my wife is one hell of a horny housewife and most days she gets guys eying her up and down when she's out and about

We invited this black guy called Jon round as he live in Portsmouth which isnt far from us in Gosport, once here we all chatted and he seemed a nice guy and the drinks were flowing well so much so that Mary ( my wife) was getting really flirty with Jon and she asked him if he would like to see a new outfit she'd just got from a online store

She returned with this little schoolgirl outfit on and I could see from Jon's reaction he liked what he saw, especially when she started putting on a little dance and this was all he needed to grab hold of her, pull her towards him and push his hands up her skirt.

Once he started I had to get the camera out as I really wanted to get some amateur video of her being fucked and the rate these two were getting into it it was a good job the camera was just one the floor as by the time I'd got the camera running she was on her knees sucking his massive black cock

he was so big she was holding it with two hands but I knew all she really wanted was to have that cock inside her, so she pulled her head back, pulled her knickers off and turned around so I could watch her as he fucked her

She lowered herself slowly down onto his monster black meat and whilst he was VWE she had a few sex toys so she was used to fucking herself with some massive dildos and yes most were black, as she eased his meat into her I could she her cunt lips stretching wide open and was sure she was struggling but it didn't stop her lowering herself right down onto him and start to ride the fuck out of him

They had been fucking for 20 minutes or so and I was sure he was going to split her into but she came with a massive out burst that I'm sure the neighbours would have heard and pulling off him just got her mouth onto his cuck before her came all over her

That was our first we are now into our 3rd black guy and next week we are trying it with a black couple so I can taste a bit of black pussy and play as well



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