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Full swap is what most people probably assume wife swapping is all about and is different to soft swapping as full penetrative sex occurs between the swapped partners!

Depending on the actual situation and location of the swap it might be that all partners stay in the same room to have full sex or quite often the swapped partners will use different rooms. It really depends on whether you want to see & hear your partner having sex with someone other than yourself.

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Full Swop Considerations:

  • Wives - can you handle your bloke going down on & fucking another woman?
  • Husbands - could you allow your wife to suck on another guys dick and be screwed by him?
  • Same Room - can you perform knowing your other half is in the same room having full sex with someone else?
  • Safe Sex - many couples like going bareback ie. they don't use condoms preferring to cum inside their new partner

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