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Mature Married couple Burt & Anne sent us this dogging / flashing true Story after trying Mature Dogging in Bedfordshire national park in Dunstable

My wife and I have been dogging for years around the national park in Dunstable and as mature Doggers really enjoy the experience, but we are not really into full blown dogging more flashing as I love watching my wife expose herself to other guys – normally that are wanking themselves as she pays with herself

Thanks for sending this story in Burt please drop us a line next time you and your wive go dogging - I'm sure our members will like to hear how things work out

It all started one night when driving back from the local pub and I suggested driving into the park and having a bit of fun just between the two of us. Before this we’d never even considered dogging especially as we are both well into our 50s and assumed dogging was for young couples, not like us old farts but although a mature couple we still had a very active sex life and most nights would be at it hammer & tong!

We pulled into the car park, no one else was around so got down to a bit of kissing and I started to unbutton her dress, once undone I pulled her bra down and started playing with her nipples which didn’t take long before they were erect and ready for some serious tonging action. It was then that a car pulled into the car park and at first it made both of us stop as we could clearly see it was a guy alone and thought if we could see him so clearly he could see us.

Anne learned over to me and said ”why not flash the guy a view of my tits” with this she opened the window kneeled up and open her dress to show off her fine tits, with this the guy put a thumbs up. While she was kneeling there she started pulling at her tits using her fingers around her nipples so I moved up behind her, put my hand inside her knickers and started fingering her. I was amazed at just how wet she was” fuck Anne, you're soaking” so I carried on and I could tell the way she was grinding down onto my hand that it wasn’t going to take her long to cum.

She turned to me, "lets give the guy a real show “opened the car door, walked out of the car and opened her dress fully, with this I walked around to her made her move forward a bit so I could stand behind her then carried on fingering her pussy thought her soaked knickers – we both could clearly see this guy was wanking in the car which made both of us even hornier. Anne then slipped down her knickers opened her legs much wider then started fingering herself as well. It took me my willpower not to get my cock out and fuck her there and then, but as this was out first time dogging thought I’d just let Anne have some fun.

As she was fingering herself I moved my hand around and also joined in which I knew was a massive turn on for her, within a few seconds she came letting out a massive sigh – we could also see the guy in the car had also cum so Anne picked up her knickers walked over and dropped them onto his lap – with a big smile got back into the car and we drove away. Needless to say when we got home I fucked her silly and that really was the start of our flashing/dogging fun.

We now often go to Dunstable dogging car parks and have flashed at loads of guys, although we are not into letting other guys touch, I’m more than happy to let her play with herself while guys much younger than her wank while watching.

It never too late to start dogging……

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