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Wife Swapping story - Ben & Karen from Dunstable, Luton tell us about trying full swap for the first time - True life Erotic Story

Couple try full swop for the first time members story - Ben & Karen who have never tried full swap meet up with another couple

Thanks Karen for send this full swap story in - hope the rest of the night went well

We’ve been members of Wife Swap 247 for a while and over the last few months have met with some nice couples, but had only soft swung, but both I & Karen wanted to try full swap but needed to find the right couple then one night Karen found Mark & Paula’s profile, they had only been members for a short while lived just down the road from us in Dunstable. In their profile it said they were new to the swapping & swinging lifestyle and so far had only soft swung but were looking to meet new local friends and were around our ages, so Karen called me over to look at their profile and photos and we decided to drop them a line.

The next day we checked the mail and they had replied saying that they really would like to meet us for a drink so we could get to know each other, so Karen dropped Paula a line back with our phone number asking her to phone so they could chat. Later that day the phone rang and it was Paula, the girls had a good chat for an hour and arranged to meet up Saturday night for a drink.

Saturday soon came round and Karen wanting to impress put on a little red skirt that just about covered her arse, which she knew always turned me on as the sexy little cow would always sit flashing at guys LOL. We got to the pub and Mark & Paula where already there as we recognised them from the profile photos and straight away we got on well all having a laugh and enjoying the evening.

The conversation then moved to swinging and they told us about the couples they’d met so far and hadn’t really clicked enough to go full swap so just had same room sex, which was funny as we were the same but Mark then said that both he & Paula liked us and really would like to “get to know us better”. I knew from Karen she felt the same so I suggested next Saturday they come round to ours for some fun & games!

The following weekend soon came, we were both nervous as we knew tonight could be the night for a full swap! When they turned up I could clearly see what Paula had in mind for tonight as she had this very short dress & top on that showed her great tits & long sexy legs and I knew from the way Karen was looking at Mark that she wanted to fuck him silly. We started the evening with some drinks and games just to loosen everyone up, then the conversation got back to swinging and how we amazed how many people were into it and how many members were local to us. Mark told us about this swapping party invite they had last month from some other members they’d met on here but never went as they knew they would want to full swap and wasn’t ready for that with them.

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