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Young threesome couple Sue & Adam sent us this 3some story about what happened Holkham naturist beach in Norfolk when Adam got to see his wife going down on a women

Thanks for sending the story Sue - please keep us updated if/when you meet up with Steph again

My boyfriend loves the fact that I'm up for anything. I've always been a naughty girl and the longer we've been together the naughtier I seem to get. It was my fella's idea to join and as he knows I like to try new things, I love to experiment..

My ideal fantasy was to have a three some with my fella and another woman, I really liked the idea of making love to another girl while he watched and he loved the idea too.

After about two week of joining I got to know an older lady, she was called Steph and she was a business woman with not much time for relationships and she was divorced. As we got to know each other I told her about my fantasy and she said that it sounded great and was just the sort of no strings fun she was seeking. I was so pleased as she looked hot on her pic and Adam my fella liked the look and sound of her too.

Because I like to have sex outdoors I asked her if she would be up for an outdoor romp with us, to my surprise she was really up for it so we arranged to at the naturist beach Holkham for a picnic which is near by where we live in Norfolk.

The weather was a little over cast when we got there, which was great as there wasn't many people around, so we found a nice little private part where the sand dunes where pretty high so we put all the stuff down on the sand there and laid the blanket I'd brought. Steph and I both brought some food and wine and within an hour we were chatting like old friends and it turned out that she was just a naughty as me.

The conversation lead to sex and after a few minutes we were all feeling horny. As steph looked at me I just wanted to kiss her, she touched my face with her hand and as Adam watched I moved in and our lips met.

Our kiss was so soft and tender; as our tongues teased each other I moved my hand to her top and slid my hand inside stroking and caressing her large nipples which were getting nice and hard. As I started to softly pinch them her hand moved up my thigh and she started to run her fingers up and down my now juicy pussy through my panties.

Continued ................

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