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BBW Husband from Norwich Norfolk sent this contacts story in after he placed an ad looking for swingers or someone to fuck his BBW wife. This story was sent in recently by a member of Wife Swapping 247

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I've been married to Pam for 10 years and during that time we've never played away so to speak but one night she was out with some girlfriends and one of them told her about this swingers club she'd gone to with her husband and the great time they had

Once home we got chatting and it was then that she said that she'd love to try swinging! at first I was a little shocked but then the idea got more interesting especially after she showed me Wife Swingers 247 and some of the horny contacts.

She lodged onto the site and suggest we did a profile together and posted this ad

"First time swingers from Norwich looking for couples only for first time swapping and fun. We are both new to swinging but keen to try. We are both large so if your looking for skinny contacts don't contact us. We have all the vices and love to eat,drink,shag & hopefully swap so contact us soon"

We left it for a few days then checked online but had only one reply from this single guy called Ian! and I wasn't interested but pam seemed more than interested and looked at me and said " come on don't you want to watch some guy fucking me? " reading his reply he loved fucking fat wives and he lived in Norwich so we sent a reply back and asked him to contact us on our mobile

The next day after tea the phone rang and it was Ian and he asked if he come round around 8ish and our first swingers date was set. We set up some drinks and to get the mood going I put on this porn movie going that I'd recently got with some bbw cuckold porn with this guy fucking someone's wife and then the door went and we got up and let the guy in completely forgetting about the TV and when Ian walked in it was still playing and that kinda set the mood as we all sat down watching that for a little while.

The DVD was only a short one and Ian said he downloads porn movies and was happy to do some copies and he had some great cuckold , bbw and fat wives getting fucked so would sort some out but Pam then got up and walked over to him asking if he wanted to fuck a real fat wife now! and with that pulled her skirt up showing off her shaven fanny

With that he sat up pulling her cunt towards his face and got her to open her legs, pull her lips apart pushed his tong deep into her fanny! with that she almost fell over as I knew she loved having her cunt licked out like that, I knew it would take her long before she wanted his cock ands sure as fuck she reached down with her hand and pulling back pulled his trousers off and start sucking his cock

Sat back in the chair it was driving me crazy watching her so much so I walked over pulled my dick out and fucked her straight and hard which my cock slid easily into her soaking wet fanny whilst she was sucking Ian I was fucking her silly and it didn't take long before she was coming and pretty soon afterwards so did I, turning around Pam sat straight down onto it dick and was fucking him and grinding down onto him and I could see all my cum trickling out.

She then got off and sat back on the sofa showing off her open cunt and creampie as Ian moved over pushing his dick deep into her and continued to fuck her! it wasn't long before he came and pulling his cock out she had loads of his cum trickling out and it was one of the horniest things I'd seen

He chatted and arranged another meet but the next day we looked at the site and saw we'd had another 2 replies this time both from couples and whilst we loved the threesome it really was couples we wanted...............although we've arrange for Ian to come back next month for more fun

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