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Forced piss drinking cuckold husband? sounds familiar then read on as this story was sent by West Midlands submissive husband thats starting to enjoy his new role within his marriage

The role of a husband within a cuckold marriage is so diverse from males that are happy to just sit back and enjoy watching there wives getting fucked by other males to more fetish type contacts where husbands can be forced into any type of sexual activity.

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I've posted this members story along with free access into members profiles from West Midlands just to give you some idea what members are posting - BUT this will detail all profiles from couples that are just looking for swapping meets to couples like this piss drinking cuckold story


I was in a single bar one night with my wife as we enjoyed visiting these types of clubs as she is a bit of a tease and I suppose it takes her back to the days of being single. Do I mind, well not really

Whilst at the bar this guys walks over to me commenting on this slut looking women that was throwing herself around the bar teasing others and in one case was grinding herself into some guys crotch that’s was standing up. 

He made further comments until I told him that that slut wife was in fact mine! “And your cool with her acting slut like?”, “Yes” it pleases her and as we were talking the guy she was grinding into took her hand and pulled her into the males toilets.

A short while later she walked out and walking towards me had this guy following her and once at me introduced him as “bill”, he’s invited me back to his house for some more drinks as this place is dying.  Because it was midweek I said no thanks and to my surprise my wife said “sure, lets have some fun, don’t wait up for me hun” and walked off

I didn’t know when she would be home so went to bed to be woken by her the next day walking into the bedroom she stripped off and threw her clothes to me and told me to clean them. I walked downstairs and placed her dirty clothes in the washing machine but her knickers caught my eyes, more so the cum stains on them !!!

You could clearly see where the cum had trickled out from her pussy and new this was the other guys cum and moving the filthy knickers to my face found myself sniffing the dirty crouch and without knowing my wife was behind me “like the smell of my used pussy juices do you? ” lick them…………I obeyed

I returned home in the evening and could here a sound upstairs as I opened it, to see my wife with a guy behind her and was fucking her and where I was standing could see his massive cock fucking her ass !!! Anal sex was something she’d never let me do.

Looking towards me she laugh and said “that’s handy you’re here, fetch us both a drink” and still a little shocked walked into the kitchen and brought them both a drink , she then SHOCKED me, are YOU thirsty? Thinking she was going to offer me a drink ordered me to get under her as she needed a piss and wanted to piss straight into her little cuckold.

Standing there at first a little shocked she then ORDERED me, “get under me and drink my piss or you’ll never get to fuck me again or have the pleasure of watching males fucking me, with this I moved under her and with my head inches away from the guys cock moved my mouth towards her pussy. 

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