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First cuckold ad, wife wants to get fucked while husband watches !!! now I ask ya wouldn't an add like that get every cuckold bull running from miles !!! and considering she wanted a black man or should I say MEN to do the fucking made it a whole lot more interesting

WOW!!! you know I've seen these cuckold contacts ads but never read a story - Thanks for sending this story in, and please if you have anymore send them in ................

Not everyone knows what cuckolding is or even heard about cuckold husbands, it’s such a tiny spot in the sex world that the ones that do know about it, love it, and enjoy its anonymity.  But for me I was on the hunt for a good cockold contacts website as I wanted to post an ad, this was my ad. 

jimcuckold - hi we are a married couple from Wife Swapping couple Hampshire and I want my husband to watch me getting fucked by either one or maybe two guys and if black even better. I'm a big girl so if your into skinny birds don't contact me and please no camera shy guys either as I know my old man will want to video it. So please drop us a line making sure you attach a photo with your reply

“Jim I want to be fucked by three men at once while you watch.  Are you game?”
“Ooh baby, yeah.  I could pretend to hide in the closet while they play ass games with you.”

So, I placed an ad online with a cuckold website.  Within days, we heard from three black men who wanted to fulfill my every pleasure.  My love hole was getting wet just from thinking about it.  I told Jim about them and he was more excited than I was.  His cock got hard and I of course had to suck him off just to calm him down.

We got online and made the arrangements with Dave, Ian and Gary.  They each professed to have at least 10 inch long cocks, and didn’t mind poking a BBW.  Jim had explained to them that he would be pretending to be watching from the closet, while they each had their way with me.  I couldn’t wait to fuck them and let them fuck me.  Even my ass was wet with excitement.

Jim and I have a king sized bed, so the four of us fit easily in it.  I didn’t care about their names, their bodies were chiseled and looked like each could have modeled for a fitness ad.  I felt like I had struck gold when I began to taste the first of my hard jackhammer.  My cheeks were all sucked in and sore from trying to keep his shaft in my mouth. 

But I was quickly distracted as Ian stuck his middle leg in my ass.  It felt so good going in, that I established a rhythm between my sucking and my getting fucked.  I wasn’t sure if it was Dave or Gary who decided to stick their joystick in my flaming hot pussy, but it sure felt good.  I was being stretched, and fucked into oblivion.  I had balls and cock hitting my neck, while a huge rod and its twins were slapping my wide bottom.  The sweet smell of sex hung in the air, as I knew it would.

Jim was slowly opening the closet door for a better view.  His cock was out in full erection as he was masturbating to the unbelievable scene in our bedroom.  He started squirting from his cock almost as soon as he opened the closet door.  Apparently he couldn’t control his love stick any longer.

I began to taste the sweet taste of cum down my throat as the first of expected love juices marinated my mouth.  I struggled to keep it all in, as I gagged a little at the power of his ejaculate.  More cum was finding its way down my ass, as another 10 inch cock squirted hot juice while still slapping my fat ass with his balls.  The last cock in my love hole was taunting my clit as he finally came into my sweet cunt.  Jim and I decided to place another ad online, it was like a box of chocolates, we just never knew what we were going to get


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