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About a year ago my wife Liz took a fancy to a friend at work, a diminutive Chinese lass named Miao (I kid you not). For an Asian girl she seemed rather liberal, and Liz thought we might be able to induct her and her husband into the swinger lifestyle if we moved carefully...

I'd met Miao once and Liz had told me that she rather thought I was good looking, and showed some evidence of a schoolgirl crush for yours truly. I try to keep myself fit and of course I was flattered, and Asian was one flavor I'd never tried and I knew my wife was also keen to have some sweet asian sex.

So one eve we met her at a local club for drinks and I fear we may have taken a bit of advantage of her, because she apparently didn't know that Sappho was a asian wife swapping club. Miao brought a young man with her, an intense dark-haired fellow who appeared half-Asian and spoke English with an incongruous Cockney accent.

She introduced him as her husband, Adam. It wasn't long before he stole my wife and took her off to the dance floor, while Miao and I chatted amiably. At some point she looked out at the dance floor and gasped, "Liz has her hand in Adam's trousers!"

"Oh dear," I said, "I suppose we should have a little revenge." I kissed her soundly, and after a split-second she melted in my arms and returned the attention fervently. Shortly thereafter Adam and Liz came back to the table, smirking, and we took up where we'd left off. Obviously Adam realized the kind of club we were in, and Miao looked starry-eyed and excited.

After another drink or two, I felt something caressing my crotch and looked down to discover that my little Asian kitty had kicked off her shoe and was rubbing me with her bare foot. "Well then, time for the festivities!" I said abruptly. Rather than give everyone a free show, we opted to pay for a room in the back and retired there to play out our fantasies. Adam and Liz were all over each other before we even got through the door, and it wasn't a minute later that Miao and I were locked in a hot 69. Adam and I them proceeded to fuck each others wives thoroughly, and a good time was had by all.

As we were resting Adam and I chatted and we discovered we both had a fantasy of seeing our wife make out with another woman. It didn't take much convincing before Liz was lapping at Miao's tiny cunt, drinking up the load I'd deposited there earlier. Adam and I watched appreciatively as we wanked ourselves back to rigidity, and by the time Miao had cleaned out Liz's twat, we were ready to go again.

This time we double-fucked Lizzie while Miao sat on her face. It took some experimenting with positioning, but we managed it to everyone's satisfaction.

Since then we try to meet with Adam and Miao at least once a week, and they've turned into great asain wife swapping contacts. In fact, they've started teaching us a thing or two! but I'll tell you about that another day !

Watch this space ....................

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