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Do you want to see your husband getting fucked by another guy? we have bisexual & gay male ads where they are looking for married or attached men only for some NSA - so if you want to see your husband sucking cocks check out these contacts ads below

Featured below are just some of the contacts ads from couples where the husband is bisexual and they are looking for either another bisexual male or gay guy to fulfil the fantasy of the wife's to watch her husband with another guy or the bisex husband to let him show the wife what goes on - this time no strap on's are needed - The contacts ads below are not necessarily belonging to these photos but all the details are taken from within the members sections

wives no touch, just watch, no strap-on's needed

Please note the link will display ALL male contacts - but as a member whether free or paid you can filter the results to only show bi male adverts.......go on enjoy yourself

Featured ads from Bisexual husbands

Access Members Ads - Click Here - Bedford bisex Men only - Hi we are Mark & lisa from Bedford. Mark is 36 fit and not a bit of fat on him, I'm 32 slim and hot ;0) We've been into the swinging and swapping scene for some years and during that time we've made some great swapping friends

My husband is Bisexual and for a long time has wanted to be fucked by another guy but all the couples we have met the guys are just into sucking each other cocks off - which I find a massive turn on as I love seeing him go down on another guy

But now we both want more as he's fed up getting fucked by me using a strap on and wants to feel the real thing and I'm really keen to see his tight little arse take a real cock from either a gay guy or bisexual we really don't mind - only thing is it MUST be safe sex only we are both NOT into barebacking

Drop us a line and we can send some recent pics and swap info we are happy to meet someone at our home or travel you can't get here - age wise anyone around our ages will be fine

These are just a sample of the ads we have on Wife Swap 247 and all feature couples with bisexual male partners

Access Members Ads - Click Here - wife wants to watch - hi I'm 29 and my husband is 34. I recently found out my husband is bisexual which was no great shock to me and as I'm also bisexual can't really complain but I'd like to see him with another guy - so far he's only into sucking guys off so nothing to heavy - drop us a line and lets chat
Access Members Ads - Click Here - Married Male after Bisexual contacts - anyone want to have fun with a 40ish good looking guy while the wife watches on and maybe getting involved a little? but if its male on male only she will just sit back and watch - we done this a few times but I was only into sucking then now I've fucked a guy we are looking for more "bottom" guys . We don't mind the age and would prefer guys that enjoy bareback fucking
Access Members Ads - Click Here - husband wants to be fucked - horny bisex husband wants a good fucking can you help? we don't mind if your gay or bi but so long as your the one doing the fucking (top I think its called) . We've been doing swap & swinging for a while and he's had a few cocks but now wants more . I'd like to be present but if that's a problem I'll understand and be out for the night

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