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bored fed up and waiting some cock! yep that was my swingers profile and it about summed me up fine as I was bored horny housewife in need of COCK !!! and this is what happened after I joined wife swapping to meet with other horny contacts

you know after reading this members story it really gave me faith back with mature women as a married guy thinking his wife will go off the boil LOL - least I know after reading this wife swapping story shes still got a lot more fun going............

you know for ages I've heard about these swingers & wife swapping sites and to be honest I thoughht they were a bit of a con with false members and only interssted in getting your cash - boy how wrong could I have been!

After years of being married and not getting much between the sheets I decided to do something about it and joined a swingers websitew and posted this profile up

" horny, bored and in need of daytime fun, I'm married horny and needing attention as my husbands lost interest in sex. I'm 45 slim with a need for sex that has broken more than one or two vibrators LOL. I'm looking for contacts for daytime fun only"

it didn't take long before replies where coming in and I was really takewn back, I did expect to get maybe a couple but I really did get loads! - so I had the pick of the crop and replied back to a couple of guys that said that they were more than up for a meet

The first guy to reply was a guy called Pete and as he only live a few miles away and ticked all the boxes as he was seroulst HUNG! so I replied back top him and the same day got a reply with his moblile phone and asking me to phone him, so one aftenoon thought sod it and phoned!, after a chat I knew I wanted him round so invited him round

The door went and I invieted him in and rather than mess around with clothes I just had a black lace nightdress with g-string on and fuck all , after all I wanted sex and nothing else and hopefully this young stud was going to give that to me. We walked in the front room and I pushed him back onto the sofa and undid his jeans pulling out his erect cock and taking one good look before I sucked him right back as I loved deep throat although it did make me gag sometimes a bit but I really didn't care so long as I had that cock down my throat!

He was fucking my mouth really hard and asked if I wanted him to cum into my mouth and with his hands on the back of my head all i could do was nod and within a few section of got a mouth full of hot fresh CUM YUM frigging yum !!! I swallowed it all back like a good like horny housewise as one things for sure bored right now is something I'm diffiently NOT LOL

He pulled his dick out and pulled me up onto the sofa opening my legs wide and pulling my g-string off proceeded to shove first one fingerm then another and before long was giving my fany the fist fucking it had long been waiting for and I was almost cumming constantly the feeling was so intense but theirs only so much fisting a women can cope with and after a while I just had to stop him.

We chatted for a little while longer but he had to go as the time was flying by and my husband was going to be home soon and I didn't want him to walk him whilst I was polishing off this young studs cock LOL

We've arranged to meet again but this time he's brining a friend as well - too fucking right I'm thinking I've got a lot of missed time to make up

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