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Jon & Sue from Poole in Dover tells us about the time they tried a swingers club whilst on holiday - Erotic Swingers Story

If you were thinking about trying a swingers club where would be the best place ? easy on holiday that way you know for sure no one you know will see you

Their true life story ......................

hi we are Jon & Sue from Poole Dover, we've been swingers for a few months and whilst we've had some crazy as in great times its only ever been with other couples that we've met via the swingers website that we are members off. Last month we decided that we we needed a break and managed to get some cheap tickets to spain (Alicante) and one night we got chatting to this couple and the subject of swapping partners came up whilst having a drink (funny how us swingers do that LOL) and this couple told us about a swingers club in town!! and as soon they said that I could see that Sue wanted to know more.

I must admit at first I didn't know for sure as we'd never been to a club before and and to e honest we really were only soft swingers rather than the harden full swap couples but Sue want to at least go take a look so I thought heck why not.

We got dressed up and looking at what Sue had on made me want to fuck her on the spot with this very short dress & low top and no bra she looked as sexy as hell then when we were in a bar just down the road from the club she opened her legs and showed of her great shaven fanny

 " you dirty little cow you've got no knickers on " 

I knew then that Sue had one thing in mind and it involved her getting fucked by three guys whist I watched which was something we'd both been fantasying over for years, in fact it was that that had originally got us into swinging but as we were still "seeing" how things went had not done much other than me watching another guy fuck her with this couple we'd meet last month and even then I was fucking his wife as the same time so it really wasn't a case of my just watching and playing the role of some "cuckold husband" so this was going to be a first in many ways

Once we got into the club it was a nice place not really that unlike many other bars in Spain other than the fact that the odd couple or so where just playing around, nothing heavy just one guy getting a blow job and a couple of girls kissing. But then these two guys walked in and as I knew Sues type caught her eyes straight away.

She was like some animal on HEAT!!! and looked over to me and said to me "watch this" as she turned round towards them she opened her legs and slid her her hand into her very wet fanny and started fingering herself, this obviously got the guys very interested, fuck they'd have to be gay or dead not to I had a massive hardon just watching her and I couldn't see the view.

They walked over and introduced themselves as Pete & mark and like us were on holiday from Portsmouth and invited us over to their table for a drink , as we walked over I noticed Marks hand on Sues arse and with her skirt being so short his fingers had slipped under it and was feeling her tight butt.

we sat down with the two guys sitting next to Sue and it didn't take long before the subject got onto swinging & sex, and they told us that they'd been into the swinging and cockold contacts for sometime and that they loved fucking wife's while husbands watched and asked if we fancied having some fun.

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