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Hampshire cuckold wife tells about fucking a guy in a public toilet and here we tell her true life story - It started one night in a Southampton pub, read about how this horny wife got fucked behind her husbands back

As a cuckolded husband when I read this Hampshire members story I had to post details of it here and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did - This hampshire horny wife clearly understands what cuckoldry is about

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A bit about little old me, I've always been a bit of a dirty slut wife and before we got into the cuckold swingers scene was hitting the dogging locations but these days dogging is just to dangerous with idiots & the police patrolling every car park & toilet

So we got introduced cuckold scene and joined a swingers website and started fucking hampshire males of which theirs no shortage, so our little story. My husband (Ian) is football mad and it was world cup weekend and he wanted to head into his local to watch the footy with some friends, which didn't bother me as I'd be able to chat to some of my girlfriends

As I'm just a "tad" of a flirt I got dressed to impress with a short dress and low top, we got to pub in Portsmouth where we live and Ian went and sat with his friends whilst I headed towards the bar and got myself a drink and started chatting to the girls

It wasn't long before this young guy caught my eyes and to say he was hot would be an understatement as I almost wet my knickers looking at him and knew I needed to do something about it as I wanted him inside me and NOW..........

I walked towards the loo and saw him getting up so stood in the hallway waiting for him .............a few seconds later he walked in and I pulled him towards me and started kissing him hard and rubbing his cock, he then pushed his hand under my dress and started rubbing my clit

I was getting soaking wet and didn't give a fuck that my husband was in the bar directly next door to us but getting fucked in the hallway of a toilet was going to happen so I grabbed his hand from under my dress and could feel all my juices over his fingers and after sucking his fingers pulled him into the toilets

We went straight into a cubicle and sitting down I pulled his trousers down and started sucking on his dick that by now was rock hard and ready to fuck so standing up I turned around and pulling my dress up and knickers to one side told him to fuck me

I moved towards me from behind and felt his cock pushing against my clit and then slid his massive cock deep into me and started fucking me, we were making a lot of nose, but you know I really didn't give a fuck, least until someone walked in for a piss so stopped for a few minutes

With his cock buried deep inside my cunt I could feel myself starting to cum maybe it was the excitement of getting fucked in a public toilet or the fact that a guy was just standing on the other side pissing whilst I was getting fucked!

He soon left and the guy continued to fuck me in the cubicle and I came shortly afterwards then he unloaded his load into me and pulling out I pulled my knickers up and I turned around so I could as least have some more of that cock and tasted his cum all over his dick mixed with my juices

I then left the toilet and went back into the bar, I didn't tell my husband until we were home and then made him get between my legs and lick cum from my cunt

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