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Swingers club experience, horny couple try a swingers club out just to see if they would like swinging - Hampshire swingers / couple tells us about their swinging experience ...

Burt & Sally have been together for some years and after watching loads of porn movies decided that they wanted to try swinging. And as Sally was bisexual Burt was more than up for watching his horny wife going down on another women.

So as they knew of a swingers club in southampton thought they'd give it a go - here's their true life swingers story

we got in the car and drove to Southampton at first we couldn't find the club but eventually we did ! talk about off the beaten track! mind you I suppose you couldn't have a swingers club on the high street

Once inside we went into the bar section and had a drink as we both needed it ! me to settle my nerves & for sally to loosen up a bit but I knew she was so keen on going down on another women that it wouldn't take her long.

We moved into one of the swingers rooms and in the corner was this sofa so went over and the initial idea was to sit back and watch some of the other couples play, but almost the moment we sat down this women walked over to my wife and introduced herself to us as she'd noticed us standing at the bar and my wife had made key contact with her

Her name was Karen and she looked to be around 30 extremely sexy and was wearing well lets put it this way I was 100% certain she had a shaven pussy she sat on the floor and the girls started chatting away and I could see that slowly they were getting close when Karen leaned up and kissed my wife on her neck! this then made my wife move in for more and within they started to kiss

Karen then moved between Sally's legs and I saw her hand slide up inside her skirt but could see anything going as but knew the way sally was gowning that karen was given her fanny some serous attention and by the way she was moving around hitting exactly the spot but their again a women fingering another women what would you expect

Sally then pulled Karen's skirt up opened her legs and buried her head between her fanny and it was all my wife could do to stop herself from screening out! I could see Karen's fingers were also fingering her but it wasn't until we were home that she told me she was also using two fingers on her arse.

Sally seemed to stay down their for ages and I knew Karen had cum at least 3 times and that Karen wanted to have a taste of pussy as well so she pulled Sally up made her sit on the sofa and knelt down between her and buried her head into her shaven pussy and started licking out .

Obviously she was doing a good job as Sally was gowning out aloud and you could see she was Heaven loving every bit of a and after a while Karen moved back up kissing Sally deep and swapping juices !

That was the first time with Sally needless to say we've met up again although this time at home

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