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Wife swapping couple from Devon - Karen tells us about the first time they swapped with a black couple & how for many years she'd wanted to fucked by a black guy, thanks to her husband she got a fantasy "cum" true...

My husband and I had such a horny experience last week. We arranged to meet this couple we had been chatting to online. It was our third swinging experience. The first two had been good but this time really blew my mind.

Phil introduced me to the world of swinging and I loved it from the word go but I have a real thing for big black guys and when this couple sent their picture… wow. We met them at a hotel five miles away and did the civilized drinks thing, you know – small talk and some gin and tonics. Four people enjoying drinks in the hotel bar, knowing that no one else knew what we were about to get up to. That was exciting in itself.

Mark made me go weak at the knees. He was big with muscles – just my type. In his simple t shirt and jeans he was hot. In the nude he would be stunning. We headed up to the room Phil had booked after our third round of drinks. There were twin beds in the room, as he had requested, so we could watch each other. We like to do that. Seeing Phil with another girl turns me on and Claire was gorgeous – black as the night, slim and with a dazzling smile. I kind of fancied her myself.

Mark and I laid claim to the bed nearest the mini bar and he began to kiss me. No preamble, just straight into deep kissing and he was certainly good at that. I am not one to mess about either so I just had to see if it's true what they say about black men. His cock was rock hard when I put my hand on it and enormous! He groaned and pushed me back on to the bed. Phil and Claire were getting on fine so I focused on Mark. We undressed each other and explored each other's bodies.

His cock was too much to take it all into my mouth so I just licked the head, which was glistening and silky soft. I was so wet by then and Mark was fingering me gently, rubbing my clit with his thumb and making me moan and writhe in delight. Before I knew it I started to come. I thrust my pussy hard on to his fingers, stroking his cock as I did so and soaking the bed with my juices.

Unable to resist any more, he climbed on top of me and started to fuck me as hard as he could. He took his cock out at the last minutes and came over my breasts, rubbing his creamy cum into them. Just when I thought things couldn't hot up any more, Claire leaned over and kissed me. She knew I had been watching her. I could taste my husband's cum on her tongue and she stroked my breasts, then licked her husband's cum off her fingers whilst looking into my eyes. I am wet again now just thinking about it.

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