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First Soft swapping experience John & Maggie from Dover tell us about there first meet and if you want to see just what Dover has to offer swingers check out the photos below and FREE link to view profiles

Note - photos are random images and NOT from this Dover soft swapping couple ......enjoy this soft swapping story

We joined up after one night looking around for some new porn dvds and stubbed across some swingers DVDS – We watched them online and we both fancied the idea of it but also whilst we are a horny couple and more than game to try things I know for FACT I didn’t want to see my wife getting fucked by another guy and my wife was the same

We assumed that was that and didn’t really think much more about it till a friend gave this me this swingers DVD and once of the couple were into soft swinging, now this was something that sounded right up our street so we started looking around at contacts sites

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We join Wife swapping as the community seemed pretty good and after doing the members and profile thing we headed towards the forum and posted up a little introduction just to really see the type of response we’d get ..or not.

We’d lost our internet connection ( pissing BT) so wasn’t able to log on for few days but when we did we where amazed at the couples that posted welcomes and some that wanted to meet up. We wanted to find someone local and Dawn & Paul looked nice, around our age group, local and like ourselves keen to try soft swapping out so after a few messages we agreed to meet in a local bar we all new

We got there pretty early so we could have some dutch courage and shortly after  Dawn & Paul turned up and we all had a few drinks and got chatting, it was pretty clear the wives were getting on well and after a few knodding smiles we invited them back to ours for some drinks and hopefully fun...Once home I got some drinks flowing and soon enough the discussion got onto sex and why we all joined up but it was clear sex was definitely on everyone’s mind.

To get things moving I offered to put one of our new swingers dvds on, put the TV on and DVD in by the time I returned to the sofa a space had been made for me next to Dawn & Maggie was next to Paul so sitting back the dvd started. It hadn’t been on long before Maggie & Paul started and they were kissing pretty full on and I could see them swapping tongs so not wanting to feel left out I looked towards Dawn and we started following there lead and kissing    

Dawn started teasing my cock by rubbing my cock through my jeans, so I started playing with her tits and nipples that were firm and erect and stopping me I wondered what was wrong until Dawn stood up and said “ ok lets strip shall we” with that clothes went flying and Dawn wait around before she grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

Maggie & Paul was on the sofa and was licking her tits and fingering her it was odd seeing another man with my wife but also extremely erotic and by now Maggies legs were open wide and I could tell the way she was moaning that she was close to cumming…..already.

Not waiting to be left behind I turned my attentions towards Dawn and moving down onto the floor I moved down and found her soaking wet pussy and pushed a finger inside her but I wanted to taste her so moving down I started to tease and lick her clit

Looking over Maggie was now between Pauls legs and sucking his cock and looking over to me we I both knew we were happy about our first soft swapping contact and was going to have a lot of fun that night ……right back to licking Dawns amazing pussy

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