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Are you new to Wife Swapping? Wife swapping couples come from all walks of life, all ages, races & religions but have one thing in common - they like to enjoy themselves and view sex as a pastime to be enjoyed with other people!

We suggest that you sign up and make use of our forums where we have a FAQ section dedicated to newbies and you will quickly realise that most couples have the same questions & doubts as you have now. By reading forum postings and also reading some of the stories here based on real wife swap experiences you will get more of an understanding as to the true nature of the wife swap!

Questions that are often asked by couples considering joining a swingers and wife swapping website

If you do meet up with another couple it is often best to make the first 'date' a social meeting in a pub or restaurant just to get to know each other a bit first and then if you all get along and feel comfortable you can arrange another evening to take things to the next level. It's not a case of keys in a hat nowadays!

Do's & Don'ts:

  • Couple - that's what you are and it must be a joint decision to try wife swapping, you must both be completely happy & comfortable with the idea
  • Alcohol - a drink to steady the nerves and being sociable is fine but you don't want to get drunk or you wont be able to perform properly, you might do something you'll regret or embarrass yourself
  • Limits - as a couple decide beforehand what you will & wont do and before any 'action' starts make sure that all partners are aware of the boundaries in place for the evening's swap
  • Jealousy - it may be difficult to tell before you try but if either of you feel at all jealous then tell the other one immediately and agree that it is not for you as it wont stop if you try again!
  • Safe Sex - you must be responsible for your health and it is probably advisable to use condoms, definitely first time round with a new couple but many do prefer to go bareback!
  • No - means no, always respect others and if anyone is uncomfortable stop! !

Our most important piece of advice to any couple thinking about wife swapping is to talk about it lots before you try it for real. Thinking about it and even fantasising about it can be a great turn on but are you sure it is what you both want?

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