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OAP swingers and older wife Swapping story - John & mary sent this story in from Hampshire and tell about the first time they tried swinging as a OAP couple

please note the sample OAP swingers photos posted above are only random images from within the members section and nothing to do with this story - but as a OAP Swingers member they can be searched for...

cheers for sending this story in John - meet Hampshire Swingers

We’ve been married for longer than I want to admit to LOL - OK over 45 years!!! and for that amount of time neither of us have played away from home, although back in the 70's we did play around at some wife swapping but then moved away from the UK and really just got out of the scene

On returning last year we never really gave swinging much of a thought until a friend swapped some porn dvds with us and one of the adult movies was a wife swapping movies film which got us both thinking so one night signed up and started looking at profiles before doing this little gem

" horny OAP Swingers from Portsmouth in Hampshire looking to party after a long period away from the wife swapping scene. We are both retired and can play 247 with the right couple. We enjoy most things but are only looking for soft swapping couples for SRS. We can accom and love to socialise and meet other mature couples so please drop us a line"

We posted this ad along with a few photos and really at first wasn't sure what type of contacts if any we would get as they did seem to be a lot of older swingers so hopefully someone would come back to us and as Hampshire had a good amount a local contact as well

We left it a few days then logged on to find a 4 messages, a couple was from single guys that we really weren't interested in as I'm no cuckold husband and DON'T want to watch some other guy fucking my wife, but the other two sounded interesting so replied. We arranged to meet Ian & Karen in a local pub and the evening went really well so arranged to meet another night back at ours for some "fun"

Iain & Karen turned up around 8ish and we sat back and chatted for a while before putting on some porn just to get us all in the mood but as Karen was a sexy looking 60y/o with a figure and 20y/o would love to have I wanted to play so once the movie got going we swapped and Mary started to kiss Iain and I started to play with Karen

It didn't take long before we were all naked and enjoying each other, Mary was now giving Iain a blow job and I was enjoying the same from Karen, it was really odd seeing Mary sucking another guys cock again and I had totally forgotten the enjoyment of seeing her do this and wished I'd set the video cam up so she could watch as well, but back to my BJ I was getting from Karen

After a while both wives swapped over and I got the pleasure of Mary sucking me off while I watched the others, it was great being back in the company of sexy couples again and being in the same room while others were having sex and whilst Mary was sucking me off Iain got behind her and started playing with her clit & fingering her.

With all this attention Mary soon came and wanted me to fuck her so I stood up and moved mary towards the sofa and bent her over & Iain did the same with his wife and we both started to fuck our wives at the same time

With us both fucking and I suppose the mood it didn't take long before I was coming, and from looking at Iain he'd already cum in his wife. We chatted and dranked till late in the night and arranged another meet for the following month and since then have chatted via the chatroom with loads of other great wife swapping couples

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