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Married couple from Christchurch in Dorset tell us about the first time they tried wife swap to conact another gay guy so his wife could watch her husband suck another guys cock, or maybe a lot more!!!!!

My husband & I have always had a good sex life and have been swapping partners for years. But when alone we like to play with toys and recently my husband got me a strap-on, not at first for use on him but for when I have my girlfriends round as I’m bisexual. Then one night a few months back when we were playing in the bedroom I blindfolded my husband tied him up with his oh so horny arse in the air and started playing with his arse just a little gentle play at first, with my tongue as I know he loves me rimming him and playing with his anus with my finger but this time as a bit of a shock for him I put my strap-on on and gave him a good fucking!!!

The feeling of fucking him was great and I loved watching my false cock sliding in and out of him each time going in further and harder until he took the whole thing with little trouble, after a while of my fucking him I wanted some hard cock so turned him over and we both fucked like mad. Afterwards I asked him what it was like with me using my toy on him and he admitted he loved every bit and for a while had been using toys on him self, also had been having thoughts about what the real thing would be like! This was all I needed to track down a contacts website as I’d been longing for years to see him with another guy.

We found Wife Swap 247, after looking around the free bits thought why not, sign up and completed a profile asking for either gay guys or bisexual males for some cock fun with my husband BUT with me watching. We wondered if we would get any replies as we assumed a lot of guys wouldn’t be happy playing while some purvey wife watches them fuck, but to our amazement we had loads of replies within a short while and really had what seemed the pick of the lot from gay guys to bisexual and most were completely happy me being around.

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