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Soft swap swingers are often where many new couples start their wife swopping as they don't know if they can handle seeing or knowing that their partner is having full sexual intercourse with another person.

Wife swapping doesn't have to climax in sex with a swapped partner and a soft swop can be just as exciting as you can get to experiment and explore the sensations of 'the first time' with a new partner and save the intimacy of intercourse for your wife/husband.

Instant access to soft swapping couples - use the free link and check out photos uploaded by couples that enjoy soft swingers meets

Soft Swop Options:

  • Soft Swap - swapped partners can touch and physically interact, including oral sex and kissing but with no penetration
  • Girl / Girl - this is now very common and is just sexual action between the swopping females with the male partners watching
  • Same Room - swapped partners get to perform and be watched or watch the other partners playing and then often the real couples get back together for full sex to finish

Ready to try a soft swap wife swapping session?

Many couples will put something like "we are into soft swapping swingers but who knows if we find the right couple that might change" - after all until the night comes and you get down to it you don't know how events will unfold, but be honest and remember no means no, that's why it is very important before you start to know how everyone feels!


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