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Its something that many husbands think about but is being a cuckolded husband really for you, after all what may start out a great partnership may change or get stronger, do you want to try? if so read these tips

The very idea that being a cuckolded husband is just about watching and enjoying the show for the vast bulk of swingers is probably about right but like most thing being cuckolded husbands does have lots of twist and turns that can lead a couple down a completely different road and as they say knowledge is power!

"The Cuckolds and Cuckolders Guide to swapping"

Here's an insiders view into whats expected for the cuckolded husband and this guide should help both new swingers & couples considering this great lifestyle and as a cuckolded husband have to say its a wonderful chosen lifestyle -

being a cuckolded husband tends to run into a few generalised themes, but remember this is all role play and at the end of the night things return to the happy marriage that the vast bulk of cuckolded husbands and couples will have

  • "You've got a small dick" - The idea being that wives will look for males that have a much bigger cock than you and if you look at a lot of streaming cuckold porn this is a theme that is heavenly pushed. The idea that women will find bulls that are more empowered with a large cock and want to truly humiliate the cuckolded hubby with references to his size
  • "He's a better lover than you" - Its the softie theme that many couples try where the wife will tell the cockolded husband that the new lover is much better and for many males after being with a women for so many years thinking he knew how to please her could be said as the ultimate insult especially if making reference to his bigger cock and how hew can use it better as well
  • "Clean the House Whilst we play" - the idea that the hotwife will even stop you from watching is one of the most control situations where the wife will not only make the husband leave the room but do domestic duties whilst hearing his wife getting fucked, normally by the couple make a lot more nose than you would normally make
  • "Sissy Maid " - whilst the theme is the husband will be dressed as a maid more often than not this is to perform sexual favours for the wife and the bull / male rather than cleaning the house. This could including sucking the guys cock
  • "Creampie / cum eating cuckold "- few cuckolded husband will be able to do this after its fair enough to lick your own cum from your wifes pussy but to lick another guys cum is another thing. After all this is clearly a case of the bull saying this women is mine by cumming inside her then getting you to lick that cum almost perform cum eating. But whilst this may seem extreme a lot of our couples are looking for these types of "force cuckold" meets although most husbands are bisexual

One of the things I've noticed over the years is that nothing is set in stone when it comes to swingers & the cuckold scene and couples & single males will each have different ideas of what being a cuckolded husband is about

For the vast majority its about one thing the hubby sitting on a chair in the corner of the room and watching the mrs getting a good fucking and thats it, others well read the above

Sample photos before are not just cuckolded couples but random imahes directly from members personals ads

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