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Our first time dogging attempt, we it wasn’t an attempt we had some fun but only after we joined a site and start chatting to some of the guys on the forums and found some current dogging sites to us…….this is what happened

Its something we’ve been thinking about for ages and after a few failed attempts basically driving to car parks and hoping we joined a dogging contacts website and start chatting to some of the guys in the forums…clearly the only way to find current sites.

After joining that same night we headed out and thought we’d try some of these locations that had been posted. The first one we pulled into the car park and almost straight away another car pulled in and from what we could see an older guy he pulled next to us and shined his lights at us and then drove out…not too impressed so far with this location!

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After a couple of minutes we were both getting pretty fed up so thought we’d try one of the other locations we read about, this was a completely different story as as soon as we pulled in there already was several cars parked up and it was pretty clear somethingf was going on from the way the cars look steamed up..We parked up and it was odd that even though we both wanted it, we were also unsure even when a couple of guys approached the car, but we didn’t encourage them further .

From where we were parked we could see a few other cars close to us and check out just what was going on with a single guy get in rear with a woman, while the guy was in the front watching from the drivers seat and you could tell that the car parked close to them was clearly wanking whilst watching what was going on as the rear door was open so he could see clearly inside, plus parked alongside.

By now my girlfriend was getting horny and we started out by just having some fun between us and straight away we noticed this single guy watching us from alongside us and looking to her I told her we had a peeping tom watching us and this seem to really get her going and she pushed my hand right into her pussy and started kissing me. I looked back over again and I could see he was smart and around our ages

We saw him getting out of the car and walked alongside the car right up to her window and he looked in, he could see well so moved in closer to get a better view and looking over towards me I gave him a welcome smile which kinda gave him the idea we were up for something and by now my girlfriends legs were wide open and I was fingering her pussy.

The guy now got his cock out and he sure as fuck was hung and turning the car ignition on she opened the window on her side. Once opened he was able to see in better and watch me fingering her and then asked if it was ok to join as he reached in and started rubbing her thigh slowly moving to her pussy, looking over towards me he gave me questioningly glance and assumed when I smiled that it was ok to play with her pussy  

He suggested we pulled over to the darker side of the car park and once parked up we carried on but this time my girlfriend was far more relaxed and turned around and put her arse against the window opening and then started sucking my cock. With this the guy pushed his fingers inside her pussy and whilst fingering her started to wank himself off. She was really getting into this I I knew she was getting near to coming and after 5 minutes or so she came along with my unloading into her mouth.

Turning around she took the guys cock and started wanking him whilst letting him finger her and a few minuets later he came…thankfully missed the car. Afterward he left and we pulled out of the car park and headed home and fucked like rabbits all night. The next day we logged onto the forum and posted details of our first meet and had some feed back from other members….one being another female that was bisexual and wanted to meet for some fun with her boyfriend as well. My girlfriend is looking forward to that meet next weekend

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