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Want to read real life cuckold stories? looking for either fiction or ( better in my view) real true life cuckoldry stories? well you'd not look any further as our members LOVE putting down there experiences

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Say the word cuckold a few years ago and most would look at you quite blank and wonder what in frigs name you were going on about! well NOW thats all changed, quite what made it change I'm pretty unsure as it seems these days we have more couples than ever before joining up as either a cuckold swingers or single males looking for wives to fuck

Thankfully these members also love to tell others about there cuckold goings on and experiences and to give you some idea I've posted some recent stories hear that have been submitted by members of Wife Swapping 247

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If your new to the cuckold scene by reading stories it can offer a real insight into the scene and hopefully make you feel happy about joining our swingers website. or why not check out some of the cuckold videos going around and posted below are some new videos

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