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Seeing your girlfriend going down on another women is the dream of every guy then to be invited in at the end is just heaven - thanks for sharing this erotic story and please tell us more Sue

First part .......................

I couldn't stop myself from moaning and she certainly knew what she was doing. I opened my legs for her giving her more access and I lowered my mouth to her boobs, pulling aside her top and unclipping her bra I hungrily sucked her hard nipples.

Adam couldn't contain himself any longer, he knelt down between us and released his throbbing hard on and to his surprise both Steph and I straight away began to lick it. His cock twitched as he watched us both lick his cock and suck on his balls then sharing a kiss. I could feel my pussy getting so wet and Steph's hand slid into my panties stoking my aching clit, her fingers getting soaked in my juice.

I knew she was just as turned on so I did the same to her, sliding my hand inside her panties and finding a smooth pussy which was even wetter than mine. Her clit felt swollen against my finger tips and I gently slid two fingers inside her wet hole. Picking up speed I began to finger fuck her as she wanked my clit. I was very close to cumming by then and I knew Adam was close as his balls had tightened in my hand.

As Steph and I started to cum we kissed again passionately, our bodies started to tremble as our orgasms took hold and as we came together Adam stood up and wanked his cock furiously as he stood over us. As we cum together we could both feel his warm cum shooting over our faces.
I could hear Adam moaning really loudly as Steph and I licked his cum off each others faces and I knew he would never forget it.

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