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I've always had a bit of a naughty side and the idea of flashing in public is something thats always turned me on but my husband wasn't I'm single and its time for this Flashing housewife to have some fun....

It started out with first finding a contacts site and lets be honest the internet is not short of swingers and housewife contacts sites and eventuallry joined Wife Swapping ...enjoy my story...better still lets meet and do a lot more than just enjoy some flashing as i'm now meeting up

First a little about me, I’m what you would class as a horny housewife lol ..ok look at the photos..find me horny? Yep well hopefully you do I never get any complaints. I used to married and before I separated from my husband sex was dull, lights out quick fuck and done and trust me that’s NOT my idea of sex….

So being single I was going to make up for lost time and whilst my collection of  vibrators and dildos increased I was finding that some of my old fantasies were starting to come back to surface and whilst I've enjoyed masturbating you do need more even if its just being watched, hopefully followed by a fucking and I was missing that so did something about it.

This is my first blog posting and I’ll be posting some photos and details about some of the things I get up to, sometimes it will be with other couples, males or even females.

I’ve always wanted to try flashing in public places and at the time being married it was just for flashing only but now I could do more, but lets start things slowly so one afternoon I tarted myself up, with black stockings, tight short dress and headed out to a few local bars. Going into the bars I had every intention of flashing lots of stocking tops and maybe more if I got the attention, but if I’m honest it was a complete failure and whilst I was perched on a high stool showing off plenty of leg and even thigh I never got a second look….at first I wondered if my best years had past me and was feeling quite down, but I’ve never been a quitter so a couple of weeks later headed out to the local supermarket

This time I went for a red mini dress, which only just covered the top of my holdups and with a half cup bra my tits were clearly on display and headed out. When I walked in there was a few people walking around and heading to the loo first a sudden impulse came over me and after using the loo put my knickers into my handbang…the freedom of walking around with a short mini and no knickers was such a massive turn on

Getting  the trolley and started looking around, looking like I’d just come of some night club rather than a housewife shopping and being that it was full of mostly singles males and some couples I was getting the odd look.

It was when I got to the freezer section I could see this guy following me from a slight distance and was just my type, young …yes I’m a looking so I decided to give him something he’d possibly every seen before in the freezer and stopping to  look at something then looking over saw he was looking at me so reached right up to get something from the top knowing full well this would pull my dress over the top of my stocking giving him a flash then once adjusting myself bent right over into the trolley and my short dress rising, showing the tops of my stockings again and then remembering I was wearing no knickers,  this realisation only turned me on even more knowing I’d just flashed my arse to some stranger and FUCK did that thrill me.

I really could get over I was flashing my arse at a complete stranger, I could feel that my pussy was getting wet and this meant one thing my restraints were going to fly out of the supermarket door. Starting to feel wicked I reached down I angled myself towards him and parting my legs it was far enough for him to clearly see my shaven pussy.  

But he then vanished WTF … and walking around the corner isle I didn’t see him and almost bumped straight into him “Oh sorry” I exclaimed “ that’s OK I was enjoyed the view, even more so close up” knowing he was looking down my top at the tits. Walking on he was still watching me and I was now giving him ever chance to see my arse and stocking tops by taking things from the top shelf and I was really loving this game …how far will it go?

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