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Private members clubs for wife swapping have always been around but with todays relaxed attitude to sex they are now more popular than ever and couples are always welcome!

Want to find the best swingers and wife swapping clubs? we stop looking at review websites and ask the local couples that are using them - and maybe arrange to meet up at the same time

The clubs vary widely and range from very formal members only establishments, to monthly events held in a rented out hotel. Admission fees vary from club to club although wife swapping couples are the main attendees, with single females often being admitted free of charge and some single men allowed in at a higher rate depending on the type of event.

Although nearly all clubs are designed for wife swapping couples it is worth using our forums & chat rooms to talk to other wife swap couples to get the lowdown on the clubs and to check if the clubs have themed nights - you want to know exactly what deal is with these clubs, especially if it is your first time, you don't want to be caught out and attend a bondage or fetish night if all you really want is some full swap action!

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