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When it comes to bi male dogging its clear more males use dogging locations than couples and often this is for meets with other dogging bi males often because they are married

A lot of guys turn towards dogging locations or cottaging locations as a place to meet with other guys and whilst this does offer instant meets the risk element is extremely high if caught by the police.

By using a contacts site like this Hampshire Bi male not only can you arrange a VERY private dogging location but you can swap car details and make sure that when your approaching a car your going to the right contact......This story was submitted by a Hampshire Bi male and if you want to view local contact use the link under the members photos that are all from bi contacts profiles  .

The link above will give you FREE access to all contacts including both bi males & straight guys, once a member you can perform an advance search which will then only bi males profiles along with full contacts details - if your interest is cottaging / dogging then you can search by those keywords as well

Enjoy this bimale dogging story ...........I did ;o)

Where to start, I’m a married guy and I’ve been bi curious for some years but my urges in the past have been held back, but no longer as I was dying to experience getting fucked by another guy

I’d used toys on myself but I was now wanting more but being married meeting with guys was always hard going and whilst I knew I could try some of the Hampshire cruising locations I was a bit nervous about just heading out and not really knowing what or who I was going to meet

Thankfully the internet opened up loads of possibilities and one evening was surfing some porn when I came across this contacts site so joined up – After doing the profile I started looking around and soon found the dogging forum and saw some postings from this Hampshire bi guy. I sent him a private message and we soon started chatting online and arrange a meet at a cottaging location he new that was VERY private and kinda off the police radar  

We agreed to meet and sorted it one night when the wife was out with friends and as soon as the time came around I got into the car and drove to the location, pulling into the carpark it was VERY dark and I saw his car parked up in the corner and pulled nextr to his. We both got out and we BOTH knew what we wanted.

His hands started moving over my jeans stroking my arse and I could straight feel my cock starting swell up as his hand squeeze my cock & balls through my jeans. He knelt down in front of me and started undoing my jeans and pulled them down and could see my hard cock poking about my pants and pulling them down started licking and sucking my cock and then took my whole cock into this mouth. 

He then moved his hand onto my bottom and stopped sucking to wet  his finger then returned to sucking me but now felt his wet finger on my arse and he sucked me harder and gently pushed a finger into my eager arse. He then started to massage my prostate and I nearly gushed straight away but was able to hold back and the feeling was so intense I needed him to stop before I came my load

Standing up I could see him getting a rubber out and I didn’t need to be told what to do so I bent over the car bonnet and spread my arse cheeks ready to be fucked and moving up behind me felt his cock against my arse and he gently pushed into me.

He at first only entered me a little but I pleaded for him to go all the way inside and he firmly slid his thick cock right into me and started to fuck me. Whilst I’d played with myself a little before even with realistic cock this was total pleasure and as I moaning he started fucking me harder & faster and knew he would cum soon as his I heard him saying he was cumming just as I did

Afterwards we left and arranged to meet again and since then we are even planning a meet in a hotel room so we both can relax more and both get fully naked and enjoy each others bodies more

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