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my first bifem experience and not my last, now as a member I'm meeting more women and having a great time fucking other women, and as for the little man at home !!! well best he doesn't know as I'm not sharing for any body !!!! .

You know they say until you try something you'll never know and fuck am I happy I've now tried sex with another women, as this wife is now having more fun than ever before and the little husband knows nothing about it

True story ......................I've always had a thing for a couple of friends of ours well not both of them just the wife, he's a good looking guy just I can get a fuck when every I want it from my husband but its HER......... and thats want I set up to get one night

We'd invited them round for a drink and I'd already had a good few to drink whilst getting ready for her (little did my husband know) I'd got into a very sexy little number, high heels, toe-nails varnished, and for the killer no knickers or bra

I made sure the dress showed of loads and even my husband commented on how sexy I loved although little did he know I was not wearing any knickers, they turned up and we all sat at the table and the guys got on doing what they do which is drink and talk crap about sport, she on the other hand I could tell couldn't take her eyes off my tits.

Half way thought the meal She offered to help in the kitchen and once their we touched a little and she knew I wanted her this carried on once we returned to the table and whilst the guys were chatting us girls were getting very drunk and then I noticed under the table that leg was against mine and now her hans on my leg.

She then leaned over and whispered to me to open my legs and I immediately did so and opened them as far as I could without the guys seeing and her hand wander up the inside of my thighs to smooth shaven fanny I the look of shock on her face when she found out I had no knickers on was priceless

It was very horny her playing with my clit under the table whilst my hubby chatted about sport and even harder to try carrying on talking to her as though her finger was probing inside me as she eased her fingers inside my what was now soaking fanny and began to finger fuck me.

It was then that I knew I needed to get away from the table before I screamed and knew already the the chair would's have had a wet patch forming where my juices was flowing so we made our excuses to the men and said I was going to show her some of my new dresses so left the table

Once into the bedroom I pushed her onto the bed and kissed her hard pushing my tong deep into her mouth as we both pulled each others dresses off, we knew we didn't have much time and that we both wanted each other and once our dresses were off she started sucking on my nipples.

She was sooooo good and my nipples were by now rock hard and extremely sensitive and she very near just made me cum by playing with them but she looked towards me and wanted to know if I had any sex toys and getting out a double ended dildo she looked and smiled and was soon fucking me with it whilst licking my clitoris.

She moved up and with the dildo still deep inside me we carried on kissing but I wanted to fuck her so I moved around and sitting opposite her slipped the other end inside her and we both started to fuck each other

It didn't take long for both of us to cum and shortly afterwards we were both dressed and downstairs but all this had done was got my interest in sex with other women and whilst I knew my one off with her was all that it probably every would be I wanted more.

I joined up and since my first semi drunken fuck have meet with another couple of local women and I'm loving my secrete life and according to my husband I'm just going out for a drink with friends as I have no interest in sharing my bifem friends and whilst I still enjoy a real cock I'm loving fucking other women

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