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Crossdressing husband gets a spanking from his wife!!! and comes back for more, you know for many this would be heaven to first have a wife that understands your needs to dress as a women but also give you a good spanking

Sue sent this story from Hampshire and tells us about her husbands need to crossdress & while he doesn't class himself as a transvestite it certainly seems to me that he enjoys taking the sub role when crossdressing

My husband has a thing for crossdressing and whilst we are active swingers we've never got involved with another couple that's into crossdressing but we have now changed our profile as it would be fun to meet with another couple, not that my husband is bi he just enjoys xdressing and letting me dominate him

suedampompy - Horny couple from Hampshire looking for local couples for full swapping fun. We are both straight and enjoy the company of others and having good times. We would like to hear from local - ish contacts as we will want to build friendships as well so drop us a line - P.S My husband likes to xdresser and have me dominate him so would love to hear from another couple that are into crossdressing but please note HE's NOT BI! drop us a line and if you attach a photo we will reply

my husband for many years has been into crossdressing and we've had various role playing games in the bedroom but recently we do that to another level with me being more dominate with after I got him a school girls outfit after a recent shopping trip to london and a few shops around soho

After my shopping trip away I didn't tell my husband what I'd bought and one night while watching a porn movie I told Dan to go upstairs and look on the bed, which he knew meant I wanted to play so going upstairs he came back down with his schoolgirls outfit and looking at me said he better go shower and get ready

I knew when Dan wanted to tart himself up he would be gone for a while so I put one of my favourite swingers DVDs on and got some toys to play with.

30 minutes later Dan returned back downstairs and dressed in white ankle shocks, black mini shirt & white blouse he looked pretty hot although I wanted to see what was under his skirt and ordering my husband to pull his skirt up showed off his white school knickers and with his cock already starting to stretch against the knickers order him forward and smacking his arse told him to get rid of the hardon or he'll be pushed!!!

Sitting back and waiting for his cock to go down it just wasn't happening he was still rock hard him to pull pulling towards me I moved forward and making him bend over my knees and telling him to pull his schoolgirl skirt up and show off his sexy bum. I love looking at his arse with white knickers on especially with him now wearing this schoolgirl outfit and once I got a flash of those knickers raised my hand and spanked his arse HARD

With that I proceeded to spank his little school girl arse hard making sure that every time I moved my hand a little so his arse would be red with my hand prints and after spanking him for a while made him stand and ordered him to pull his knickers down showing his spanked crossdress arse red with my hand prints, but that was only the start and next I made him bend over a touch his toes and commng up behind him spanked him with a leather paddle

After a while my pussy needed attention so sitting back on the sofa I pulled him towards me and pushing his head between my legs made him lick my cunt soaked knickers, then sucking all my juices through the cotton on my knickers, before pulling them to one side and getting him to make me cum again with his tong  

After I sent him upstairs so he could wank himself off and 10 minutes later returning downstairs and just dressed in shorts stripped him off and fucked him silly!!!! -

We are now looking for other crossdressing couples to play with although the idea of seeing him with another guy is something I'd never want to see and fortunately from looking at the xdressing contacts a lot are couples and some even straight so hopefully we can find someone local


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