do you have a sissy cuckold husband and want to meet with REAL men so they can give you the well disserved fucking you need and that your sissy crossdresser cant? well your in the right place

When people consider the UK cuckold sissy scene they assume the vast amount of contacts have been placed by crossdressers that are looking to meet with males / couples and whilst that is the case with some the bulk are profiles that have been placed by couples where either the wife has told her sissy to post the personals advert, or you'll have wives that want to meet with dominant males that will help her humiliate & degrade her sissy crossdresser

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Often these sissy husbands will be forced into chastity making them wear CB2000 or some type of other cuckold chastity belt / device. But it doesn't stop with the poor small dick cuckold husband wearing a CB2000 we'll also be dressed in anything from some sissy lingerie, maids uniform or some pretty little outfit the wife has picked out for him to wear... Quite how far the sissy cuckold meet will go will depend a lot of the hotwife & bull and it can be just a case of being forced to watch his wife getting fucked or can also include

  • Forced maid service to both hotwife and bull
  • Offering clean up duties either licking / sucking cum from the male, or in the case of bareback cuckold licking cum from his wife's pussy ready for her to be fucked again
  • Degradation by making the sissy perform duties
  • Humiliation where the bull will make comments about his small cock and not being able to please his wife
  • Or forced listening through a door so the sissy can't see whats going on

Those are just a few of the sonorous that go on between a sissy husband and his dominant wife and lover .......below are some sample adverts from couples and single sissy crossdressing males

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My wife is smooth, petite (size 10) and we looking for a male that we can committed to for cuckold meets. you will need to be experienced bull and understand the relationship between sissy cuckold, wife & lover. She has had a long term boyfriend that used to fuck her whilst I watched and whilst this went on for 4 years I was never allowed to join in as he was straight and I know it disappointed my wife that I was unable to offer any assurance, although after he'd gone I was made to lick his cum from here pussy . ( Contact Members - Click Here)
Access Members Ads - Click Here - Breeding cuckold
My wife wants to get pregnant by another man and then I will bring it up as my owns. We are only looking for black males so that others can see that someone else has fucked my wife and made her pregnant and she knows this will humiliate me in front of friends & family. We are very serious and happy to sign any legal paperwork to confirm you have no involvement other than unloading your seed into her ( Contact Members - Click Here)
Access Members Ads - Click Here - young Sissy for males, couples
We are a young Mixed Race couple that has a sissy male that needs some cisalpine and humiliation. We are seeking dominant males for his cuckold training or meeting with other similar couples where the male is also a sissy husband.. I'm very keen on either meet but it would be fun having a couple of sissy husbands and we could instruct them on how to dress along with having sex with each other. My Sissy is VERY submissive and will follow every command which often means forced cuckold sex . ( Contact Members - Click Here)
Access Members Ads - Click Here - Asian Sissy cuckold males wanted
May I first say if you contact me via the chatroom please request a private chat first and we will appreciate males reading our personals advert first, also you've seen me and "him" so if you don't have at least a face pic on your profile or will send privately its really pretty pointless in reading on.. We are an open minded Asian couple. I'm here to meet men for one on one sex whilst my sissy husband will vanish either sleeping nextboor or in the car but my preference would be meeting a bull that will allow him to watch and join in for forced cuckold duties. My husband no longer fucks me and wears a CB2000 to stop him from playing with himself, but once a month I allow him to have the key and watch him wanking his silly little cock into my used knickers, it NEVER takes him long to cum and straight away afterwards its locked away. Whilst I'm a dominant wife I can be quite submissive with the right males so you will need to be a strong and powerful man and preferably one thats had past experience of cuckold sissy sex. You will need to be aged MINIMUM 35 no max and tall as my sissy is only short and I want to see you standing right above him..Your role will include dominating and humiliating him making reference to his SMALL cock. He has various sissy outfits including maids outfit or other feminine attire ( Contact Members - Click Here)
Access Members Ads - Click Here - midlands cuckold for humiliation & forced bi sex I'm a midlands male thats 28 years old and my wife has told me to join this site to meet with males that will fuck her. We are into cuckolding bdsm sissy fetish humiliation & forced bi sex meets and we are very genuine and ready to meet up, plus we can accommodate. More than up for anything goes and loves public humiliation, getting fucked and various sissy tasks. Would prefer local so we could arrange quick meets . ( Contact Members - Click Here)

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