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Just what the heck is cuckold dogging ....? it was a recent question that I saw posted in the cuckold forum and the response was amusing " let me meet with you and your wife and I'll fuck her outdoors whilst you watch"

In real turns the response the member gave was correct that the cuckold dogging scene for the vast amount of couples is where wives will get fucked outdoors you may ask whats the difference between "dogging " and "cuckold dogging" ...well in essence nothing really other than the fact that more often than not cuckold dogging males will want to watch there wife getting fucked.

You maybe wondering why is this so different then? a lot of dogging couples are into voyeur meets where they will head towards public car parks or parks and allow others to watch ONLY in some cases the wife / couple may offer oral sex...but more often then not thats were it ends .....on the other hand the cuckold scene is a completely different animal where males WANT to meet with guys that will fuck the wife

To give you some idea of the types of members looking for cuckold dogging meets I've posted some random photos below all directly from members profiles ....these are NOT fake dogging photos but the real deal hence edited to protect members ID

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As you can see theres no shortage of cuckold wives that are looking for meets and finding these horny cuckold dogging wives couldn't be easier with our advance search, keyword search and local searching options....its not really about how to meet with dogging couples for sex but how soon you want to meet up

As a member you'll be able to access full images rather than the edited photos I've posted above, but free members do only get to see single images at full size, thereafter if you want to see further members photos you will have to upgrade to premium member...Once a premium member you'll have full access to a load of features that will help you meet with members including full size pics

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