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New to wife swapping or swinging & don't know all the terms & abbreviations used within profiles, chatrooms or at parties? No problem let's see if we can help you with some info on the most commonly used wife swapping slang words.

Wife swapping & swingers Terms & Abbreviations:

  • AC/DC - Bisexual swings both ways both males & females
  • BDSM - Bondage Dominance Submission Masochism
  • BRB - Be Right Back, used in wife swap & swingers chat rooms
  • Bareback/Barebacking - Penetrative sex without a condom (Bareback Swingers)
  • Bi Bisexual - swings both ways, see both Bimale & Bifem
  • BiMale - Bisexual Male (Bisexual Husbands Contacts)
  • BiFem - Bisexual Female (Bisexual Wives Contacts)
  • BBW - Big Beautiful Women
  • CPL - Couple
  • CT - Can Travel, are able to travel to meet for wife swapping
  • Creampie - to cum inside a vagina or anus, also BareBack fucking (Creampie)
  • Cuckold - Husbands that like to watch their wives getting fucked (Cuckold)
  • DP - Double Penetration see threesomes
  • FB - Fuck Buddy / Fuck Buddies - only interested in sex not relationships
  • FFM Female, Female, Male - Often referred to regarding 3sums or MMF
  • FS - Full Swap/Swing opposite of SS = soft swap (Full Swap)
  • GSOH - Good sense of humour, tends to be used in ws profiles
  • LTR - Long Term Relationship
  • MBA - Married but available , see horny housewives
  • MILF - Mum/Mom I'd like to fuck
  • MMF - Male, Male, Female threesome see FFM for opposite
  • MWC - Married with children
  • NSA - No strings attached, casual sex
  • OH - Other half / Has a partner
  • S&M - see BDSM
  • SRS - Same Room Sex
  • SS - Soft Swap / Swapping - Swapping without penetration see FS (Soft Swap)
  • Swingers - see swingers
  • Vanilla - term used for non-wife swappers
  • VWE - Very well endowed (large Penis) see (Black Contacts)
  • WLTM - Would like to meet


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If you ever get confused about terms used when wife swapping or swinging then just ask, after all we all don't know all the abbreviations used. Should you know any that are not posted here - please send them in and I'll update the page!