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The Do's & Don'ts of writing a good wife swapping & swingers profile and tips for new couples considering swapping & swinging. What makes a good profile? Why does someone else's profile stand out from the rest? Here some tips to help new couples when considering adding a profile online.

The first thing you ned to remember this supposed to be FUN!! So please try to enjoy yourself, it's not a CV you're writing and if it comes across all stuffy then other swapping couples that read it will think the same and ignore it - so some basic tips....

Writing a good wife swapping profile:

  • Location - as daft it sounds some people don't put the traveling boundaries, so if you live in Portsmouth you're not going to want to travel to Scotland to swap partners or maybe you are?
  • Dislikes - if you're non-smokers and looking for others make sure you say, also drinking or other recreational substances - if people don't know how will you find a good like-minded couple?
  • Type of Contacts - extremely important decide on the type of swapping lifestyle you want to try, not forgetting you can change you profile at any time!
  • Turn Ons - a biggy here, what do you like? Anal sex, oral, bareback, S&M - they are all important so make sure you tell other swap couples your likes.
  • Friends or just sex - If you're looking for friends/swapping partners make sure you tell people or if you are just after a one off swap again make it clear!
  • Photos - We have NO restrictions on the amount of photos you can post within your profile, so put up as many as you like and as we are all adults here we also have no restrictions on the content of the photos as long as it's not obscene and they are yours!
  • Videos - want to post a amateur video of your wife swapping fun? Fine again, put up as many as you want!

Ready to try a wife swapping session?

So put some thought into your profile, it is not something to rush into and you don't have to fully complete it when you join up, you can always have a look around at what others have written and then come back and write your own, but remember have fun and do it together ;0)


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