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Wife swapping lifestyle, is it for you? Here's some considerations you must discuss before you even think about trying out the wife swapping lifestyle - as this lifestyle change isn't suited to everbody and althought GREAT fun you need to make sure it right for your relationship.

A lot of couples enter into the wife swapping lifestyle and find it a great way to meet like minded new couples & friends, more often than not these couples tend to build into long strong friendships - if off course that is what you want.

The important factor when considering a wife swapping lifestyle is this will not make a poor marriage or relationship stronger and only stable couples should consider this, but couples that have tried swapping & swinging reported that:

  • 70% of wife swapping couples said that joining in with the wife swapping lifestyle improved their relationship
  • Half of couples, both married and in a long term relationship questioned who were happy before becoming trying partner swapping said they were even happier now
  • Just under 70% claimed to have absolutely no problems with seeing there partners with another person
  • About a quarter admitted having difficulty with jealousy and 6% said jealousy was a major problem

So, the major considerations when contemplating the wife swapping lifestyle
are - are you a jealous person? What type of swapping do you want to try? & Do you both
want to try swapping partners NOT just one of YOU!!!

Types of wife swapping contacts:

  • Soft Swap - this is the route a lot of first time couples entering the wife swapping lifestyle try first. Basically it's about touching, kissing and light play but no penetration : more info on Soft Swop
  • Full Swap - tends to be what people think of when considering wife swapping, full intercourse with someone else's partner : more info on Full Swap
  • Threesomes - when you want to consider sharing your other half with a male or female partner : more info on Threesomes
  • Cuckold - not really wife swapping as such but I thought it a good idea to mention it here, it's for the husbands that want to watch the wife getting fucked by another man : more info on cuckolds !

So, you've considered the type of wife swapping you want to try and both you & your partner have made sure you're both happy to try swapping, what's next? First things first, you need to sign up and have a user name & password ready as this will be the name used on your profile - which does bring us neatly into writing a good wife swapping profile - then have fun making contacts and get swapping!

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