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Looking to find up to date dogging locations? then theres only one group of people you want ask thats members that are involved within the dogging scene and using our UK dogging forum is the best route to these members

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The dogging scene is as strong as ever within the UK with more couples involved than every before and for the vast amount of horny dogging couples and flashing wives its down to the use of UK dogging forums & message boards

Its true to say that the UK dogging scene has changed over the last few years with more people getting involved but also more hazards for couples that enjoy some outdoor sex and from looking at profiles with photos of wives dogging & flashing its just as active

So, what are hazards ? they come in the shape of police hitting dogging hotspots, councils locking and closing public parks & picnic areas and yobs doing there best to spoil an outdoor sex activity thats enjoyed by thousands of people across the UK

Thankfully the internet is at hand and within members sections we have Dogging forums & outdoor sex message boards where members can post information on the latest dogging locations and the ones that are still being used

By reading postings from members you can find out the best and current locations but more so pre arrange to meet with members so least that way you'll know if your heading out to some dogging car park you'll get some action

I know some "old school" dogging people will say that by pre arranging dogging meets it takes the fun & excitement away from knowing if you'll get any action or not, but to those people if they want to sit in some dark car for hours hoping that a dogging couple will show up then fine, you carry on dogging the old way

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