Summer is on the way and the horny Wiltshire dogging contacts are starting to dust of the covers and get ready to start meeting up at Wilts Dogging locations for some outdoor sex!

If theres one thing Wiltshire has, well other than loads of horny contacts is lots of places and oppertunies to meet up for outdoor sex, after all is manly rual at that means one thing alone to a horny dogging couple my myself ...........loads of forresty locations!!

I've posted this page to share with surfers some of the information and locations Wiltshire dogging contacts have posted within the forums, some of this information is current and details current and used locations other places have quite possibly been shut down or abandoned, but the best place to read the most up to date information is within the members section and thats FREE to join


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Amesbury - Layby on A303

doggerdamon - If you head towards Cholderton then you will see a dirt track leading to woods on the left, you can't miss it really. I've waited there for hours on some nights, but then some nights I've joined in the action straight away. Like most doggin spots these days, it can be hit and miss I suppose.......

Devizers - Smallgrain Picnic Benches and woods

supersonick - Spent many a happy night down at the picnic site just past Devizers. The dogging season seems to be dying down now its getting colder, looking forward to next year.

Salisbury - Car Park

pippalove - me and my OH use the car park opposite Salisbury College on Southampton Road quite a lot, its one of the busiest sites in Wilts, speshly at weekends. Cum and join us for sum fun if u like babe!

Swindon South Marston - Nightingale Woods

smokiebear - The woods are a great site, I really can't understand why noone goes there anymore??? As far as I no it has been dead for ages now! Its such a secluded location, wud b good if it started to get busy again. I'm gonna keep an eye on it just in case.

Lechlade - Riverside Car Park and Public Toilets (gay during daytime)

Stephen Harrison (non-member) - Can I just say to other doggers, if you are really serious about dogging then you must get sat nav system, it will save you lots of time people!

Tog Hill - Toilets and Car Park, Doynton Lane.

nickyjaye - Of course Tog Hill is famous now after a certain MP was caught looking for badgers lol! But there is also alot of straight doggin going on there as well, We joined in with a sexy young couple in their car just last week, had a fantastic time, thanks guys! xxx

Free Access to Local wiltshire contacts

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