Irish wife swap swingers love to take their dirty fun outside and into car parks in the Emerald Isle, covering know dogging areas in Ireland

Whether you are a first time dogger or you have regular dogging car fun in the Republic Of Ireland, there are always new public wife swapping places to be discovered! Just look how much these sexy doggers are enjoying the fresh open air in R.O.I!

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If you know of any dogging site listed in the following counties please let us know :- County Antrim, Clare, Derry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Sligo, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexfords and Wicklow

Armagh - Lurgan

hornyirishguy - Oxford Island Nature Reserve has lots of car parks, the first one on the left is an active doggin site during the warmer months (well, supposed to be warm!). I've watched several wife swop couples down there and got my dick sucked a few times aswell. Definetely worth a try if your'e in Armagh.

Armagh - Larry's Lake

KatandTerry - We go there every weekend, always a good crowd. New faces are more than welcome to join in the fun or just watch, we are a friendly lot :-)

Cork - White Bay

sexycorkcpl - The car park here is a top dogging spot, also lots of outdoor fun on the cliffs. Be careful at the weekends as it can get swamped with aggressive single males. Shame really, as its one of the best dogging venues in Cork.

Dublin - Dollymount Beach

Roisin (non-member) - Me and my other half like to go down to Dollymount beach for a bit of car sex. The dunes and rocks make it quite secluded. I have seen other couples there but I have never been approached by any doggers yet.

Kilkenny - Waterford new Ross road

barebackduo - Ross Road is a goldmine for laybys and passing places to hook up with our dogging pals. Beware the angry locals though!

Limerick - Crataloe Woods

dcac1965 - By the golf balls in the woods, fantastic dogging place. Couples taking their action into the woods good for voyeurs. Best time is after 11pm.

Tyrone - Cranny Grove

thehotbitch - Just past craggy grove, there is a little car park on the left. I go there with OH and usually see other young swinging couples in their cars. Doggers are starting to turn up, with a bit of luck this will turn into a great dogging venue with time. If you do go remember to leave your interior light on.


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