One things for certian Berkshire may well be one of the smaller South East counties but its not lacking in Berkshire Dogging locations and posted here are some example forum postings from or Berks dogging contacts

The postings below are taken directly from forums postings and offer free to view current & up to date Berkshire outdoor sex locations. As our members are constanly updating information the information posted here can only be view as an example of whats posted inside the members section...........but as its FREE to join hopefully you'll be joining us

All the photos posted within this site are directly from members hence why edited but if like myself you enjoy playing a voyeur and looking at dogging photos you won't have a shortage by checking out images within the forums

By using a dogging forum not only will you have the advanced of getting current information but be able to commincate directly with Berkshire dogging couples asking times and if your a little unsure of the location better directions

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Ascot - Virginia Waters

sarahr - my husband & I have had many good dogging encounters here. The nudist beach always attracts the rudest doggers! I shagged the biggest cock you have ever seen!!!
benjie - We go there alot it's always the same wife swappers there. Also try the gardens next to the bank of the lake - they are very secluded.

Maidenhead - Thickett Car Park

sexybackgirl - been to Thickett carpark with my BF, a bit hit and miss I have to say. When we got there there was only gay guys getting it on. After nearly an hour another couple pulled up and we got in their car for a bit of wife swap action. Horny fuckers, it was worth the wait I think!

Newbury - Greenham Common.

Nigel Jones (non-member) - Many lay-bys can be found at Greenham, you might have to drive around a bit before you find any dogging going on. Dead in the winter, warm summer nights you are guaranteed to get some doggin action. If you see a dark red Ford Focus then come and say hi!

Reading - Prospect Park (next to Tilehurst Road)

AlanBerks - I shall be in the car park on fri afternoon if anyone wants to join me?

Reading - Bader Way Car Park

dirtyoldman - There is a married couple who visit this spot about 8 o'clock most weekends. I think the wife is called Susan, she is a right stunner and she definately knows how to suck a cock :o) made an old man very happy.

Sandhurst - Ambarrow Court on Wokingham Rd A321.

flasher - Find it in between Crowethorn and Sandhurst. I like this dogging spot because it gets a lot of activity during the day. Most car parks only see action after dark, so this is a great place for us daytime doggers! As ever though, be discreet and vigilant of police.

Windsor - Park next to Windsor Racecourse

carparkchick - There is a pub along the Thames called the Windsor Lad. Go past there and youi will see the park. It's a great spot for wife swapping, there's always loads of swinging couples up for a bit of doggin fun! The best area in Berks, IMO!


The great thing about the members forum is that Local Berkshire doggers can post up to date information and give directions to car parks, as well as arrange meets. We do allow non-members to post dogging info on this page, so give us a shout if you know the best outdoor sex location!

Free Access to Local berkshire contacts

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