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Fed up watch the same old Adult DVDS in that case STOP buying any more films and step into the 21st century and stream your adult movies, you get to see the porn film you WANT and when you WANT, no waiting for the postman no DOWNLOADING

The system of Adult Pay Per View (PPV) adult movies & videos is the best thing since videos where invented, least for the adult video viewing market ;0) Why download a hole film or stream a movie when you can just jump to the best bits - OK maybe if your a big fan of one genre in Adult Movies you'll want to Download or Stream but for me the idea of jumping around find the movies you like is HEAVEN

  • How does it work

First the site looks like any other adult DVDs or video website the films are listed by genres type and you have the option to click on any movie and check out the cover or enlarge to see the back - BUT the difference is under the movie cover are screen snap shots at various "action scenes" from within the film these scenes should you want to you can then watch, unlike streaming or downloading where you have to watch the whole film

  • How much is it

Adult movies can be streamed for as little as 4p per minuet!!!

  • How Do I pay money into my account

First you have to become a member with AEBN they are the company that offer this PPV adult movies product but membership is FREE all you have to do is register your name and the password you want to use. Then you'll need to buy the time and this starts from £2 for 17minents to £20 for 575 minuets - once done you'll have an account set up so you can see

  • How Do watch the adult movies

easy after you've looked around the site, found the film you want to watch a scene from you then click on this, the site will then ask for your username & password and if you've not paid any money into your time account will ask how many minuets you want to buy. If you already have time the film will start playing

  • How long does the money last in my account

Until you've used it up. You don't have to use the time up over a period of time it can last 1mth to 12 mths depending how often you watch adult movies - as once you click on the movie your time will start running down - but heres the great feature once you stop watching the movie any money is still left in your account - so should you want to watch another movie the next day you just look around and click view, this you can keep doing till your account is empty.

  • How do I know how much money I have in my account

All you need do is log into the your account and you can check this at any time, likewise you can also add money at any time - as theirs nothing worse than watch an adult movie only to have it stop because your account is dry !!!!!! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;0(

  • Do I need software watch Pay Per View streaming movies?

Nope your PC should already have a copy of Realplayer or Windows Media Player nothing else is needed

  • How fast does the film stream

you'll be watching the movie within a few seconds of clicking the cover, its that FAST

  • What shows up on my Credit Card and the amount of money you spent

Need more Technical information Click here / otherwise click on the banner and start checking out the adult movies you can be watching NOW ....or just access local contacts and make your own porn ;o)


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