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The Idea of a wife sitting on your face for many husbands is the ultimate control and even better if a cuckolded husband and your watching your wife squatting down onto some guys face we look at some recent streaming videos showing wives and girlfriend sitting on men's faces

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its the ultimate in control when the wife turns towards you and tells you to lay down and then she lowers herself down onto your face and smothers you with her cunt lips and orders you to lick her and make her cum! sounds familiar? well your a lucky many if you get this type of domination from your wife

The porn industry more so streaming porn has been pushing the face sitting genre along with its many other micro fetishes for sometime and now thankfully the UK male is waking up to this and not only enjoy streaming face sitting porn and the more extremes in wife's squatting right down onto their husbands faces and suffocating their husband with their arses

Many will consider streaming facesitting porn as a fetish and more within the extremely of femdom and dominance and I suppose some of these videos could be looked at like this but for myself I find the cuckold face sitting about the best to watch as this will normally have involved the husband watching then the wife lowering her cum filled cunt and sitting down onto the husbands face and making him lick it clean

Detailed below are few recent streamed face sitting videos

recent watched videos :

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as with so many I've moved over to streaming using VOD to access my porn as I prefer the faster access it offers so all the videos listed on this page are for viewing with Windows Media Player or Real Player that all access the VOD media format - Even though you are streaming face sitting videos you still have to be over 18 as all these videos show extreme hardcore sex scenes -

for further information on VOD please use the links below

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