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Whether you have been to a wife swap party before or not it can be quite a daunting prospect to arrange your own swop party at your own house so we've put together some helpful hints and tips to hopefully smooth the way.

It is obviously not a good idea to throw a wife swapping party if it is your first time swapping as that can be nerve racking enough and as first time party hosts you at least want to be able to relax once everyone has arrived!

Wife Swap Party Tips:

  • Invites - plan ahead, unless you already know who you'll be inviting, give yourself a good month to annouce it, send out invites, receive replies and it is good practice to reply to all requests even if it is to say no
  • Dress Code/Themes - again this is up to you but tell everyone from the start, for non themed parties the dress code is normally smart casual for gents and sexy or seethru for the ladies, but some ladies wear smart casual to feel more comfortable
  • Food & Drink - it is entirely up to you whether you provide food/nibbles but you can't expect people not to drink, so most people ask couples to bring their own drinks but it is always good for you to have soft drinks & mixers available
  • Smoking - it is perfectly acceptable to ask people not to smoke inside your house but it is worth providing ashtrays outside to save your garden
  • Towels & Condoms - it is generally accepted that guests will bring their own towels, condoms, lubes, etc but obviously you will have to let them use your bathroom/toilet

Want to join and advertise your wife swap party?

It is advisable to list all of your personal rules in your swingers advert so that all persons involved know where they stand right from the off and it is good practice to reiterate these in the email invites you send out as well, that way there should be no misunderstandings come the night! It might be worthwhile starting small with just a few couples for your first party so that you can relax and enjoy it then have more next time if you feel it was a sucess.

Wife swap party - a house party but with more sex!

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