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We left it for a few days to log on, when we did we found we were swamped with e-mails! As we went through, we found we were really spoilt for choice. There were a few that really caught my eye, they had obviously put some effort into their message, and had attached photos as well. Unfortunately some of those were just too far away from us in Cornwall, so they were out. But there were some Cornish bi fems that had replied. I immediately mailed them asking if they would like to meet up.

The first girl that replied back, her name was Maria, had included her phone number so I gave her a ring. She sounded really friendly, and we chatted away for ages. She told me that she had slept with a lot of women, and she would show me what I’d been missing all these years. I couldn’t believe it was actually going to happen, I was so excited!

We’d arranged to meet in a bar not far away. We got there a bit early and had a quick drink as we were really nervous. Right on time, Maria walked in. She looked stunning and I felt the blood rush to my pussy straight away. We chatted away and Me and Danny started to relax. I couldn’t stop staring at her though, she was so sexy. She was slim and I could see her cute pert boobs through her top which was a bit see-through. We were getting a bit tipsy, when Maria winked at me, and said “Come on then, back to yours!” I was shocked but I didn’t need telling twice.

We jumped in a taxi, and as soon as we were through the door she grabbed me and kissed me hard. I was so turned on it felt so sexy. She had her hands all over me, and she was ripping my clothes off. I dragged her upstairs and Danny followed behind. By the time we got upstairs, we were both half naked. She climbed on top of me, took my now hard nipples in her mouth and started licking and sucking them. I let out a moan as I felt her fingers inside me. She stroked my clit at the same time and it wasn’t long before her hand was covered with my hot sticky cum. Wow, it felt so right being with a woman! I could see Danny had his cock out and was wanking himself off. I wanted to taste her pussy for myself, so I buried my head between her legs.

She was totally shaved down below and her pussy juice was so sweet. As I was licking her slit I noticed Danny was now sucking Marias tits as well as playing with himself. Much as I was enjoying myself, I was starting to get the urge to feel Danny’s dick inside my soaking wet pussy. I looked at him, and he seemed to know what I was thinking. He got behind me and fucked me doggystyle as I carried on licking Maria’s swollen clit. It didn’t take Danny long to shoot his load inside me. I had Marias cum all over my face. All, in all, we were one big sticky mess! When we couldn’t come any more, we all collapsed in a heap looking at each other and saying this is something we really must do agian and soon but for now said she had to go

We both had a great time, and I discovered that I definitely am bisexual. I loved my horny girl on girl encounter, but I think I will always need Danny’s cock to finish me off and really satisfy me, but we've arranged another 3some time for next month

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