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Dogging has become increasingly popular with wife swapping couples as it adds that extra bit of excitement& danger to having sex with strangers! So if you have a voyeuristic streak or you just love fucking in public give it a try!

If you want to invite another person or couple to join you in or near your car for sex, blow jobs or to watch you fucking it is generally accepted that you pull into the car park or dogging spot and flash your cars interior light to signal you are ready & waiting. While you are performing it is obviously quite likely that you will have an audience so this is not a pastime for the shy!

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Find your dogging location via our doggin forum!

As dogging is very well heard of now, the authorities can be quite hot on spoiling doggers fun, so it is advisable to check in with our chat rooms and forums to find out if the locations listed are still current and also you might find other couples online now that are looking for some dogging action tonight who want to pre-arrange a meeting so that way you can guarantee to get some wife swapping dogging fun!

Just taking the dog for a walk? Ha! Dogging locations for sex action alfresco!!!

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